single head track light
single head track light
This track light uses LED chip from Korea Epivalley brand, and packed at Lumiere in China. It made of small SMD which has rated power of 0.2W/pcs, and we only powered each piece to 0.06W. This means we have to use much more SMD than most of our competitors to make the same watt COB. With this method, our lamp can reach 95~120 lm/W with excellent life span and super low light decay. Moreover, we use Lifud driver, the most famous LED driver brand in China, absolutely no flicker.



Model No. LED Phase  Power CRI  Lumen Input Voltage  Angle
EL-COB-TL-10W Epistar 3 10W >82/90 1000 lm 100-240V 25°/55°
EL-COB-TL-20W Epistar 3 20W >82/90 2000 lm 100-240V 25°/55°
EL-COB-TL-30W Epistar 3 30W >82/90 3000 lm 100-240V 25°/55 Copyright © 2013 Elvislight All rights reserved.