Surface Mounted Panel
Surface Mounted Panel
The surface mounted panel is the same as other thin panels, only with an extra surface mounting accessory. It is basically 4 pieces of matal frames, which can be fixed on the ceiling by screws. LED panel light can be hold in it, with enough room for the power supply hide behind the panel. White and silver color is available.


Model No.  Size(mm) LED Quantity  Power CRI  Lumen (lm) Input
EL-SF3030-18W 295*295*12/10 98 18W >82 1800 100-240V
EL-SF3060-36W 295*595*12/10 198 36W >82 3600 100-240V
EL-SF6060-42W 595*595*12/10 220 42W >82 4200 100-240V
EL-SF30120-42W 295*1195*12/10 220 42W >82 4200 100-240V
EL-SF60120-54W 595*1195*12/10 264 54W >82 5400 100-240V Copyright © 2013 Elvislight All rights reserved.