Square LED Downlight 1/2/3 Head
Square LED Downlight 1/2/3 Head
1.We used 20*30mil chips,the efficiiency reach 95-100lm/w
2.We used Ledfriend driver passed TUV.3 years warranty.
3.To ensure fast heat dissipation, the aluminum housing we using is of the best and thickest among our competitors
4.Frame housing:white/silver/black
5.30/50 beam angle for your choice


Model No.  Size(mm) Hole Size(mm)  Power CRI  Lumen Input
EL-DLP3-6W 92*92*H70  ф75 6W >82 450-600lm AC100-240V
EL-DLP3-2*6W L173*W92*H70  155*76 12W >82 900-1100lm AC100-240V
EL-DLP3-3*6W L247*W92*H75 235*76 18W >82 1350-1700lm AC100-240V
EL-DLP3-10W  L120*W120*H85  ф90 10W >82 800-1000lm AC100-240V
EL-DLP3-2*10W  L230*W120*H85 192*90 20W >82 1800-2000lm AC100-240V
EL-DLP3-3*10W  L340*W120*H85 300*90 30W >82 2700-2900lm AC100-240V
EL-DLP3-20W  140*140*H105  ф120 20W >82 1800-2000lm AC100-240V
EL-DLP3-2*20W  L270*W140*H105 120*230 40W >82 3400-3800lm AC100-240V
EL-DLP3-3*20W  L400*W140*H105 120*380 60W >82 4700-5000lm AC100-240V
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