50W gimbal light
50W gimbal light
This gimbal light has very good heat sink design, enabling the power up to 50W. The Epistar COB and Lifud non-flicker driver provide excellent efficiency at 100 to 130lm/W, with 5 years warranty.


Model No. Size(mm) Cutting(mm) Power Lumen CRI Input
EL-XB-10W Ф110*90 Ф95     10W 1000~1200 82/90 200~270V
EL-XB-20W Ф140*130 Ф125 20W 2000~2200 82/90 200~270V
EL-XB-30W Ф165*150 Ф150 30W 3000~3300 82/90 200~270V
EL-XB-40W Ф195*175 Ф175 40W 3900~4300 82/90 200~270V
EL-XB-50W Ф245*190 Ф225 50W 4800~5500 82/90 200~270V

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