Classic Track light
Classic Track light
Classic LED Track light
This track light has a classic design, the driver box and the adaptor intergrated as one piece, enabling perfect balance and heat dissipation. It reach up to 95~120 lm/W with excellent life span and super low light decay. Non flicker driver are used, offer 5 years warranty




Model No. Power Lumen Angle LED CRI Input
EL-COB-TS-20W 20W 2000 lm 15°/25°/40° Epistar >82/90 100-240V
EL-COB-TS-30W 30W 3000 lm 15°/25°/40° Epistar >82/90 100-240V
EL-COB-TS-40W 40W 4000 lm 15°/25°/40° Epistar >82/90 100-240V Copyright © 2013 Elvislight All rights reserved.