Thin Flood light
Thin Flood light
Reliable IP65 flood light from 10W to 100W, SMD type (or COB type) with regular white type and RGB type optional. EXcellent heat dissipation design and with 3 years warranty.


Model No. Size(mm) CCT Power Lumen CRI Input
EL-FL03-10W 135*114*40 3000~6000K 10W 800~1000 70/RGB  AC85-265V
EL-FL03-20W 185*154*50 3000~6000K 20W 1600~2000 70/RGB  AC85-265V
EL-FL03-30W 235*194*51 3000~6000K 30W 2400~3000 70/RGB  AC85-265V
EL-FL03-50W 296*240*62 3000~6000K 50W 4000~5000 70/RGB  AC85-265V
EL-FL03-100W 380*298*88 3000~6000K 100W 8000~10000 70/RGB  AC85-265V
EL-FL03-150W 425*325*125 3000~6000K 150W 12000~15000 70/RGB  AC85-265V
EL-FL03-200W 425*325*125 3000~6000K 200W 16000~20000 70/RGB  AC85-265V Copyright © 2013 Elvislight All rights reserved.